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Web Access Rules - URL Permission Set

In the last part of the "Web Access Rules" blog post series I want to cover "URL Permission Set".

You can select one permission set per Web Access Rule.

There are two default preconfigured permission sets available: "Allow All" and "Block All"

You can also define custom URL Permission Sets:

There are two settings available for a URL Permission Set regarding Antivirus capabilities:

  1. Treat executable file as virus
  2. Treat encrypted file as virus

This settings are only active if both of the following applies:

  1. Antivirus is activated within the Web Access Rules General Settings
  2. You have valid subscription for the Web Security Add On


A Permission Set consists of one or more Permission entries. For each entry you can define if you want to Block or Allow the appropriate traffic.

You can mix-up Block and Allow entries as you want, but be aware that also the Permission Entries set is processed on a first-match base!

You can pick three different filter types:


All traffic will be blocked or allowed when using this type.


You can specify specific URL's which you want to block or allow with an permission entry. You can also use regular expressions within the URL entries (e.g. *


If you have an active subscription of the Web Security Add On you can select from an URL filtering database consisting of more than 100 different categories.



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