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Web Access Rules - General Settings

In todays blog post I want to cover the general settings for Web Access Rules.

Within the Web Access Rules Module you have the possibility to set several general settings in regarding web Proxy.

Enable Antivirus

With this switch you can globally enable/disable Antivirus scanning for all Web Access Rules.


LDAP Authentication

LDAP Authentication is needed if you want your users to authenticate against a LDAP directory.

To ensure best performance and authentication behavior we recommend to join the server to the local domain. You will not need to configure LDAP authentication if you do so, as KERBEROS will be used for accessing the directory.


HTTP Proxy

Within the HTTP Proxy settings you can define which local IP-addresses and ports are used to receive requests. As default all local configured IP-addresses (specified by and port 8080 is used.

You can change this settings for your needs. We recommend to only use your internal networks IP-addresses as listening IP-addresses.

Next Proxy

Next Proxy settings are used to connect and send all allowed web traffic to an upstream proxy server. You can define ports for all supported protocols and also use authentication.

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