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EPS15 Release 1.2 is available!

I'm proud to announce the availability of the 1.2 Version of EPS15.

Feature Highlights

The new version extends EPS15 with a sophisticated Intrusion Prevention System and SQL Server Logging with enhanced filtering capabilities. In addition under the hood performance and usability improvements are included as well.

More Information: SecureGUARD News



To upgrade from earlier version (EPS15 R1.0 and EPS15 R1.0 with installed Hotfix Package) just download the latest sources and perform an installation.

All configuration will be migrated automatically, except IDS settings.


How to get it

If you are an existing customer or registered for the EPS Newsletter you will get the appropriate download link per mail.

If you're not already registered, just sign up here to get the download link immediately: EPS Registration

The sources automatically include a 30day full featured trial license.


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