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EPS vs. Communication Gateway - What are the differences?

In this blog post I want to specify the difference between the two terms from the title.


SecureGUARD Edge Protection Suite (EPS)

is a bundle consisting of the following three parts:

Communication Gateway

Web Protection Add-on

Mail Protection Add-on


SecureGUARD Communication Gateway (CG15)

is the name of the software solution from SecureGUARD based on the solid fundament of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2.

It contains all software parts from SecureGUARD and also 3rd-Party products.

CG15 is licensed per operating system environment. (virtual or physical installation)

A Communication Gateway license includes all available functionalities except of the features of the Web and Mail Protection Add-on (authenticating web proxy feature is included within CG15 license).


Web Protection Add-on

extends SecureGUARD Communication Gateway with URL-Filtering (115 predefined categories) and AntiVirus for web protocols. The Web Protection Add-on is licensed on a per user base.


Mail Protection Addon

extends SecureGUARD Communication Gateway with AnitSpam, AntiVirus for mail protocols and Greylisting capabilities. The Mail Protection Add-on is also licensed on a per user base.


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