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Rules, Rules, Rules

In this blog post I want to give an overview of the different rules sets within SecureGUARD EPS.

Firewall Rules

Firewall Rules are to allow or block traffic from a specific source to a specific destination on network layer.

There are four different sorts of Firewall Rules:

1. System Rules

Are used to configure the local Windows Firewall to allow or block traffic from and to "localhost".

2. BuiltIn Rules

There is only one BuiltIn Rule which blocks all traffic which is applied as last rule. This rule can't be edited.

3. Custom Rules

This is the right place for your custom rules. Please be aware of the order as the Custom Rules set is evaluated on a first match and skip evaluation base.

4. "Created by" Rules

Some modules create the needed rules automatically to work as expected. So no additional custom rule have to be created.

This includes: Publishing Rules, Web Access Rules, Client-VPN, S2S-VPN

"Created by" rules can't be edited.


Publishing Rules

Publishing Rules are used for enable access to internal webserver or application server from external.

How to publish different services will be covered in one of the next blog posts.


NAT Rules

NAT Rules are used to mask networks, IP-address ranges and also specific server or services.


Web Access Rules

Web Access Rules grant or block access to web resources. Either via a specific proxy port or also as a transparent proxy.

With proxy mode also authentication via Microsoft AD and LDAP is possible.


E-Mail Rules

E-Mail Rules are to configure routes for incoming or outgoing mail traffic to an internal mail server.



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