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Network Interfaces

Within the SecureGUARD Management Client you can find a complete network module.

This module consists of three Parts:


In this overview all physical or virtual network adapter connected to the operating system environment are listed and can be configured by selecting a specific interface and click "Edit Selected Interface".

Best practices with the appropriate settings includes (like on every Windows-based environment):

  • Default Gateway is a global entry, only define on the external interface. Create dedicated routes for all internal networks.
  • Make use of an internal DNS server whenever possible. Define DNS Servers only on one network interface (you can specify more than one DNS server if available or necessary).


Within the teaming module you can also create tagged VLAN interfaces on physical adapters. (as in Windows Server 2012 R2 a VLAN interface is created via a team of one or more network adapter).

Routing Table

Within the Routing Table module your are able to view the currently active IPv4 or IPv6 routes and create new routes an create new route entries for dedicated network destinations.

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