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Windows Update Issue: Local Windows Firewall stops logging and responding after installing Microsoft April 2016 updates

ATTENTION: Windows Update KB3147071 issues problems with the local Windows Firewall of Windows Server 2012 R2.

As Communication Gateway makes use of the local Windows Firewall this also affects CG in working correctly.

Please do not install KB3147071 on operating system instances Communication Gateway is installed on.

In case the update is already installed: uninstalling KB3147071 restores the local Windows Firewall functionality and will regain the full Communication Gateway experience.

Please be sure to disable the automatic update functionality for KB3147071 to prevent future installation.

As the known issue with KB3126593 is still under investigation by Microsoft, please also disable the automatic update functionality for update KB3126593.

As soon as we have further information from Microsoft, we will post an update.